Contractor List

Contractor List

Local contractors are identified below. This document is NOT an endorsement of these contractors. Rather, this is a starting point for the selection process. You are encouraged to interview these contractors in an effort to select the one who is best suited for you. Should you have an existing relationship with a contractor, or desire to pursue contractors other than those listed herein, please feel free to do so.

General Handyman:
Joey Olah 901-240-7891
Sunrise Construction Tom Durhan 901-598-7142
Capital Construction 901-870-3506

Remodeling or Renovations:
Tapp Enterprises: Ronnie Tickle 901-870-4406
Or Kris Tickle 901-481-1706

Joey Olah 901-240-7891
Sunrise Construction Tom Durhan 901-598-7142
Capital Construction 901-870-3506

Ellendale Electric 901-382-0045
Billy Wallace 901-373-3107
Max Electric: Kevin Pruitt 901-413-4646

H & S Plumbing 901-207-2070
Chris Underhill 901-482-5028

Crowe Heating and Air 901-413-5361
Conway 901-302-9815

Glass/Window Repairs:
Winpro 901-301-8457
Jackson Glass 901-386-5959
Raleigh Glass 901-386-0914

Chimney Works 901-388-5708
Abbey Road Chimney Sweep 901-452-1984

Interior Decorators:
Jennifer Ryan 901-232-6427
Jennifer Jones 901-758-1443 or 901-338-1443
Connie Ponder 901-491-7839

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Stretching:
Carpet Spectrum 901-331-9522
Best Enterprise Inc. 901-861-1200

Flooring Solutions: Nick Levin 901-755-5574
Carpet Spectrum: Jason Browning 901-331-9522

Nathan Lantrip 901-351-9205
Lockman Co. 901-751-9774

Moving Companies:
Cooper Moving 901-382-2083
Big League Movers 901-486-6897
Two Men and a Truck 901-937-0123

Classic Marble & Granite 901-385-7783
Granite & Marble Products Matt Wiggins 901-833-8280

Cleaning Services:
Abracadrabra Home Cleaning 901-876-4394
XTREME Clean Inc. 901-219-1725
Merry Maids 901-290-7647
Tracey Lindsey 901-828-4848
My Town Roofing 901-834-7663

Pool Companies:
Shannon Rhue 901-386-7855
Mike Matthews 901-867-0112

Jeremy Carr 901-270-4727
Memphis Irrigation & Lighting 901-338-1074
Solo Landscaping 901-282-7918

Tree Removal:
Be Green Spray: James Wilson 901-258-7004
Memphis Tree Service 901-490-9670

At&T 844-827-7057
Comcast/Xfinity 855-793-1626
Direct TV 800-347-3288
Dish TV 800-333-3474

MLGW 901-544-6549 or 901-820-7878
Arlington Public Works 901-867-4980
Bartlett Water Department 901-385-5585
Collierville Water Department 901-457-2220
Germantown Water Department 901-751-7605

Real Estate Specialist
Melissa Thompson 901-729-9526
[email protected]