Buyers Guide to Memphis Real Estate

Buyers Guide to Memphis Real Estate

Looking to buy in Memphis? Look no further than the Your Key to Memphis Team.

Working as an exclusive Buyers Agent for you, we are able to assist you in your property buying process and protect your interest at all times. We will always represent you—the buyer– our fiduciary duty is only to you. When you become our buyer-client your interests are fully represented by us.

In addition to standard listings in our MLS, we do research on alternative sources of properties such as bank properties, auctions, or for sale by owner properties, and new construction.

Once we know your requirements and tastes, we will show you only properties we believe will pique your interest. We walk you through the whole process, from initial conferences to closing. We provide all the standard services of a real estate agent—property showings, assisting with financing, providing property data, explaining forms and agreements, and monitoring the closing, plus:

  • We promote and protect your interests at all times.
  • We give you advice and opinions about the properties, including price.
  • We do comparative market analysis.
  • We research and disclose property history including previous selling price, status of abutting properties, etc.
  • We negotiate the best price and terms.
  • We give you complete confidentiality.

What is a Buyer Agency?

  • By definition, buyer agency is a relationship created when a buyer requests an agent to act in his or her behalf and the agent commits to represent the buyer in the transaction, regardless of whether the commission is paid by the buyer, the listing broker through commission split, or by the seller (or a combination thereof).
  • Typically, a buyer’s agent would present an offer to the listing broker with a provision in the offer that sells will pay one-half of the commission by the listing broker to the buyer agent.
  • The buyer agent helps educate a buyer regarding the entire process including research about the property values to help ensure that the buyer pays a fair price based upon comparable sales, possible future development in the area etc.
  • The buyer agent takes on fiduciary responsibility to be loyal and honest to a buyer, as well as to use care and diligence on the buyer’s behalf.
  • The buyer agent can negotiate terms and price on the buyers behalf, allowing a more objective and emotionally detached process.

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