After just about every showing, owners  want to know what the buyers thought of  their house.

 “What did they say?” “Have you heard    anything yet?”

Here’s what you need to know about feedback when selling your home

Most feedback is useless and benign because agents don’t want to tip their buyer’s hand in the event that your home is on the short list. If they tell you that the buyers love the house, they’ve given you ammunition to negotiate just that much harder when an offer comes in. If they tell you that they didn’t like it, but they later make an offer, it can taint your feelings towards the buyers and their offer.

Agents don’t want to provide negative feedback on an occupied house in the event that they have another client that might be interested. Some exceptions are comments about things you may already know about – pet odors, dirty carpets, priced too high. These are all items that your agent will probably have discussed with you before listing your house. If you are consistently getting these negative responses after showings, it’s time to take it to heart and make a change.

Then there’s the agent that just doesn’t give any feedback at all. What you need to know is that no feedback IS your feedback.

At the end of the day, the only real feedback you want is in the form of an offer.

Knowing that a buyer thinks your street is too busy? Useless. And not something you can change.

Getting an offer to open negotiations? That’s something you can work with.


By and photo credit: Crescent City Living, LLC