So, you’ve accepted an offer on your house and are preparing for the big move to your new place.

“Hey honey, wouldn’t that chandelier in the dining room go perfectly in our new house?”
“It would! Let’s take it with us when we go.”


If there are permanently attached items in your home that you don’t plan to include in the sale, that needs to be negotiated and agreed upon between you and buyer when an offer is made. Otherwise, the standard Tennessee Purchase Agreement states that they are included in the price of the house.

Believe me, it’s not a party until the buyer gets to the final walk through to find out that the crystal chandelier has been replaced with a home improvement store light fixture.

What if you really want to take something?

We recommend that our clients give us a list of things that will not convey at the act of sale. Draperies, curtain rods, appliances, and yes, light fixtures, have all been held back by sellers. BUT, when we hear that fixtures will not be sold with the house, our advice is to go ahead and replace them prior to the first showing.

Why make a little item the focus of your negotiations? Or allow it to put a roadblock between you and the buyer when it’s time to close?

By: Lisa Heindel