Whether you’re staging your home in preparation for putting it on the market or you’re redecorating, choosing the décor can sometimes be a little intimidating. As 2016 comes to an end, let’s look at the most popular trends for home décor over the past twelve months.

  1.  Black Stainless Steel – The most popular appliance finishes seem to change every few years. This year sleek, black stainless steel took the top spot away from the shiny silver that had been the most desired in recent years.
  2. Formal Dining Rooms – This year formal dining rooms made a huge come back as more people opted to keep them rather than convert the spaces into media rooms or offices.
  3. Marble Accents – Marble was an enormous hit at this year’s NY NOW SHOWCASE. This trend is all about small touches of luxury – think candle holders, coasters, planters or a unique clock like the one from Etsy shown here:









  1. Statement Bathroom Mirrors – Funky mirrors made a splash in bathroom décor this year. Fun designs draw the eye and add to the overall charm of the room. Check out this Before & After to see for yourself!
  2. Tech-less Family Rooms – In a world where technology is EVERYWHERE, many are choosing to keep their family rooms tech free in order to facilitate family time.  This lovely tech free room shows that a house can look sharp without electronic gadgets all around.











  1. Matte Finishes – Last year was all about shiny and metallic. This year the opposite is trendy.  Textures created with oxidized metals, matte glazes and chalk-  finish paints can be found on all types of home décor, like this snazzy light fixture which can be found on Etsy.









  1. Geode – Sparkly rocks could be found everywhere this year.  The “unearthed” geode aesthetic appeared on everything from wedding cakes to bottle stoppers to tables and shelves in homes. Check out Anthropologie for some “rocking” decorative geodes!
  2. Faux Fur – Another way to add a touch of luxury to a room is to give it a pop of faux fur. This alluring texture appeared in blankets, pillows and even wall hangings in a variety of spaces including bedrooms, living rooms and even dining rooms.
  3. New Neutrals – Yesterday’s taupe is today’s blush. Along with other pale colors such as silver and soft blue, these “new neutrals” are the most popular colors this year.

New Neutrals and How to Use Them

  1. Shiplap – This once “rustic” trend has found its way from country homes to city homes this year.  Designers combine shiplap with urban materials such as brick to give homes a modern aesthetic. Fireplace/Shiplap Walls






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