After several years of an intense focus on process improvement, Germantown now has the highest possible rating when it comes to the Germantown Fire Department’s capacity to respond to and fight fires.

Germantown Fire Department has been awarded a Class 1 rating by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), an organization that independently evaluates municipal fire protection efforts in communities through the United States.  ISO analyzes the data using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule and then assigns a rating number between 1 and 10 with 1 being the best. 

Germantown’s Class 1 rating is the highest rating possible. It means Germantown homeowners could see a reduction in their insurance premiums. It means businesses looking to locate in Germantown have an even greater incentive to invest. It also proves the Germantown Fire Department, Water Department and dispatch services have demonstrated they are at the top of their game when it comes to reliability.

Currently, only three other fire departments in Tennessee and only 241 fire departments across the country have achieved this top rating, representing the top 0.5% of the over 46,000 evaluated agencies nationwide.  The department had previously received a Class 3 rating.

“The Germantown Fire Department works hard to continuously improve our services to the community,” said Fire Chief John Selberg “We are proud of achieving the Class 1 rating as it reflects the hard work and dedication of all of our personnel, including efforts to reduce loss through fire fighting and fire prevention.  This wouldn’t be possible without the support and commitment to public safety from Mayor Palazzolo, the Aldermen and City Administrator Lawton,” he added.

The ISO evaluation includes an analysis of all fire department operations, including fire suppression capabilities, community risk reduction and fire prevention efforts, available personnel and equipment, and distribution of emergency response resources to provide optimal protection for the community.  The evaluation also includes analysis of key supporting elements, such as those from the Germantown Police Dispatch Center for 911 services and available water supply and hydrant system provided by the Germantown Public Works Department.  The high scores reflect efforts by the Germantown Information Technology Department to support dispatch systems as well as grant funding from the Shelby County 911 Commission to upgrade our dispatch and fire station alerting systems.

The Fire Department’s Class 1 rating is a reflection of Germantown’s commitment to provide the best possible public safety services to the community.  “This is truly a team effort.  Our fire fighters did a great job helping us meet all the requirements for a Class 1 rating.  Our Public Works Department provides us with one of the best water supply systems in our area, our Dispatch Center and Information Technology Department work hard to provide fast and effective dispatch services for Fire and Police, and our Fire Marshal’s Office provides targeted fire prevention education and thorough inspection programs,” said Chief Selberg.

This improved rating will be published in August 2017.  The ISO Class 1 rating is a confirmation of the City’s dedication to the best services for the community and City employees’ motto of “Excellence, Every Day!”

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