Fall is heading our way and quick! Every time the seasons change there always seem to be something around the house that needs fixing, cleaning, or redoing. We always find projects that need tending to.

Below is a list of things most of us typically do when welcoming in the fall weather.

  • Moving items from our backyards like lawn furniture, kids’ toys, outside accessories to the shed or garage.
  • Cleaning out the garage of any unused or extra items and reorganizing the contents staying.
  • Create a more organized space in the garage (or even other areas of the house, like the attic) with plastic bins that are labeled.
  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Check the outside lights in your front yards (especially if they are on a timer- to be sure everything works and is prepared for the many adjustments that come with earlier darkness).
  • Have your bi-annually HVAC unit maintenance taken care of, to ensure your unit is in proper working condition when the weather changes, including replacing air filters.
  • Cleaning flowerbeds now will be so helpful next spring. Many of our lovely summer flowers are no longer blooming when the wonderful weather of summer waves goodbye. Taking the time to remove the dying bulbs and applying new mulch will keep the still thriving fall flowers like mums, goldenrod and helianthus looking delightful and eye-catching. Adding in fall flowers to your flowerbed will add bursts of fall colors.
  • Repair any cracks to your paved driveway, this will prevent winter weather from eroding the surface; creating an expensive fix down the line.
  • Clean out the gutters (this should be done seasonally if possible) to keep out unwanted leaks or gutters falling at bay.
  • Trim low hanging trees near your home or gutters to reduce possible damage.

De-cluttering and maintaining the beauty of our homes is a mission we all strive for, especially those of us who are selling our homes. Now let’s get some of those projects off the to-do list!

photo credit: airconditioningverobeachfl.net