Farm-to-table is a social movement which promotes serving locally produced food at restaurants and school cafeterias.  Food is acquired directly from its original sources including wineries, breweries, ranches, fisheries along with farms.  Farm-to-table often provides food traceability so that you know where your food comes from.  Participants in the movement often reject conventional agricultural practices.  They embrace sustainable agriculture, organic farming, free range animal husbandry and fair trade.  They oppose genetically modified food and animals treated with antibiotics and hormones to make them grow more quickly.

General changes in attitudes about food safety and freshness have occurred at the same time as the farm-to-table movement. People are motivated by the lack of fresh, local ingredients, the poor flavor of ingredients shipped from afar and the poor nutritional integrity of shipped ingredients.  They want to bring back small family farms and ingredients that are organic and not genetically modified.

This time of year, many of us resolve to eat healthier…to BE healthier. If you are interested in farm-to-table dining, there are several places in the Memphis area that offer this fresh, healthy alternative to traditional restaurants.

The Farmer offers upscale comfort food made from the freshest ingredients from local, sustainable farms.  The menu changes depending on what is fresh and available from vendors. 

Bounty on Broad is a steak and seafood house that supports local farms and vendors including: Rose Creek Farms, Wolf River Honey, Home Place Pastures, Malimu Farms, Woodston Ridge and Hillbilly Farms. Sit at the “food bar” to watch your food prepared right in front of you! 


If you prefer to cook for yourself, check out The Trollystop Market where they supply farmers’ ware on store shelves.  Don’t worry…you can also grab a bite at their restaurant.  Their beef is supplied by Claybrook Farms in Covington, TN.  And their pizzas are made from scratch daily. 

So, if you’re looking to start eating healthier in 2017, check out these farm-to-table establishments for wholesome, nutritional and delicious food!