Spending time outdoors in the winter months is not much fun if you are cold, but if you have a nice, warm fire to gather around, you can enjoy outdoor time despite the frigid temperatures. It’s fairly easy to build your own fire pit and it can be done in a short amount of time without breaking the bank. So, follow these steps and before you know it you will be toasting marshmallows around your own DIY fire pit!

  1. Go to a home improvement store and purchase your materials. Choose your large pavers first. They are not expensive and work perfectly as the ring for your fire pit. I recommend getting enough to make your fire pit deep and wide.  Depending on the size of the pavers, you will need twelve or thirteen for each level of the pit. So, if you are doing three levels, you will need 36 to 39 pavers.  You will also need smaller pavers for the floor of the fire pit, and paver sand for filling in the gaps and spaces.

       Photo Credit: lowes.com  

  1. When you get your materials home, choose the site for your fire pit and arrange the large pavers in a circle creating the diameter of your pit.  Then arrange two additional levels on top of the base you have created. Be sure the gaps between pavers are as small as possible. You may have to adjust them several times before you get them just right.

        Photo Credit: youtube.com

  1. With the smaller pavers, build the floor of your fire pit.  Make sure that they fill in the entire space.  You may have to get some that are shaped differently to make them fit.s.com

    Photo Credit: keepintitsimplecrafts.com
  2. Use paver sand to fill in the cracks and spaces in the floor.  Fill in the spaces and then use a broom or your hands to spread it evenly across the floor.

     Photo Credit: braensupply.com

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Now you can build a roaring fire and enjoy your new fire pit!

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