Simplifying your life isn’t so simple.  It takes effort and time.  It took years to collect all the “stuff” cluttering up your life and it won’t all go away overnight.  Take these baby steps and don’t rush and before you know it, you will wake up one morning and realize that you are living the life of a minimalist. (Click on the links for inspiration!)


  • Make a List

Why is living more simply important to you?  Prioritizing is a first step in determining what you want out of life. Write down the things that make you feel sick and tired…and tired of being sick and tired. 

Ten Ways Happy People Prioritize


  • Declutter

Clutter is not your friend. A tidy, organized space makes life easier.  If you’ve ever spent twenty minutes searching for your keys, that is time you will never get back. Create a clutter-free zone. Enjoy it.  And then expand it a bit each day. Keep doing this and eventually you will have the minimalist home you are seeking.  Taking the time to declutter your life will pay off in big ways!



  • Less is More

Having too many material possessions can complicate life more than you can imagine. Less really is more…more time, more energy, and more financial security. When you start getting rid of items you don’t use or need, you will feel a sense of freedom and relief. 

Goodbye Things, Hello Minimalism


  • Just Say No

Saying no is hard; especially if you are a people pleaser. But saying yes to EVERYTHING saps your energy and makes life hectic and chaotic. Say yes to invites and activities that matter to you…that inspire you.  Say yes to spending time with people you care about.  But if you truly do not want to go to a party or participate in an event, learn to say no.  A polite “no thank you” will save your time and energy for what is meaningful to you.

Why You Should Say No More Often


  • Disconnect

We spend more and more time plugged in.  When you are obsessively checking your email and social media accounts, life is passing you by.  Technology is wonderful, but it shouldn’t replace real-life experiences. So, take time to disconnect from technology and connect with your surroundings and the people you care about.

Reasons to Unplug

These are just a few small steps toward the minimalist life.  Simplifying your life is like a giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving.  Get started today!