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Keep These Items When Downsizing

by Melissa Thompson

Getting organized to move is an arduous task. When you are downsizing to a smaller home, you will hear a lot about getting rid of stuff.  It makes sense to get rid of a lot of unused belongings when you are getting ready to pack and move, especially if you are downsizing.  But it’s important not to go overboard! There are some things that are worth keeping. In fact, there are some things you should never throw away, even when downsizing:

  1. Important Papers

You should let go of as much paper as you can before moving, but be careful that you don’t thrown away important documents.Hang on to the following: birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, social security cards, retirement documents, medical records, insurance policies, passports, wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, property deeds, investment records, education records, diplomas, military service records and vehicle titles. 8 Ways to Organize All of Your Most Important Paperwork

  1. Collections

If you collect something, clearly it has significance to you. Maybe you just like it, or maybe it has sentimental value.Either way, you should definitely take your collection with you and make room for it in your own home.Now, if you have several collections, you might have to pick your favorites and leave some behind.But downsizing doesn’t mean having to let go of the things that mean the most to you.

  1. Family Heirlooms

Sometimes you inherit things that you feel you must keep just because they were passed down to you from family, but you don’t really like them. You keep them packed in a box and don’t use or display them.There is no point in moving these to your new home. However, family heirlooms that you love should make the cut.Downsizing gives you the opportunity to take stock in your family heirlooms and decide what is worth keeping and what can be sold or given away.Take the items that you enjoy and that are meaningful to you…leave the rest.

  1. Electronics

Unless you have the time to make sure that all your electronics have been completely cleared of personal information, you should take them with you.The last thing you want is to give away, sell, or dispose of electronic devices that still carry your personal information. How to Get Personal Data Off Your Devices

  1. Photographs

When you are in the midst of packing for a move and you are exhausted and overwhelmed, you might start throwing away things that seem unimportant at the moment…but you may regret it later.Take all your photographs with you.If you have time, save space by getting them digitized using a company like Legacy Box, but don’t throw them away!

  1. Landline Phones

Many people rely solely on cell phones these days.But you never know when you might misplace your mobile phone, run out of battery or lose service.Keep at least one land line for emergencies. 7 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

  1. Sentimental Items

This may seem like a given.Of course you won’t leave any sentimental items behind.But sometimes it’s difficult to decide what holds deep sentimental value to you, especially when you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of belongings you have to move and fit into your new, smaller home.Don’t let downsizing make you feel like you must get rid of the things that mean most to you.Choose the ones that mean the most and bring them along!

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Getting Organized to Sell Your House

by Melissa Thompson

If you are planning to put your house on the market this spring, there is no time like the present to start getting organized for the process of staging, showing and moving out of your home.

Begin now by following the ten tips listed below and you won’t feel so overwhelmed when it’s time for that first open house!

  • Eliminate piles before you sell.  Some of us suffer from what I like to call “flat surface syndrome”.  If there is a flat surface, it’s covered with “stuff”.  Now is the time to eliminate any of the “stuff” cluttering the horizontal surfaces in your home.  Things such as mail, magazines and other odds and ends that are piled upon the tops of tables, desks and shelves should be removed.  Keeping these spaces clear allows potential buyers to see the space without distractions.
  • Clean out storage areas.  If your closets, bookcases, pantry, and other storage areas are overstuffed, this is a red flag for potential buyers that screams, “not enough storage!”.  Keeping a minimum number of items in your house will leave the impression that there is a generous amount of storage in your home. 











  • Get rid of excess.  Eliminate or pack up any surplus items you won’t need before your move.  For example, only keep enough dishes, towels, sheets, toys etc.… that you will use during the time your house is for sale.  Why have ten sets of sheets in your linen closet when you will only need one or two?
  • Remove extraneous items.  Pack away things that are seldom used and seasonal items. This will make your house appear spacious, which is what appeals to potential buyers. Some examples are off-season clothing and shoes, holiday decorations and rarely used kitchen appliances.
  • Throw things away.  If something is worn out, broken, rusty, stained, torn or incomplete, it is time to let it go.  If your belongings look shabby and old, your house will look that way too.  Don’t hesitate to throw such items away.
  • Donate before you sell.  When you are cleaning and sorting items, if you come across things you don’t use now and won’t use in your new home, donate them.  There is no point in packing and moving something you will never use.  But if it’s in good shape, someone else will get use out of it.
  • Sell before you sell.  If you find you have a great deal of items to eliminate from your home, think about selling what you don’t store, throw away or donate.  You can sell at a yard sale, bring items to a consignment shop or list items online. Remember to have reasonable expectations regarding how much money to charge for used items.
  • Rent a storage unit. Move large items/equipment that you don’t use often to a storage unit. It can also provide space for packed boxes to give you a head start in preparing for your move. Remember that space is a beneficial asset when selling your home.
  • Spruce up outdoor living spaces.  Remove any clutter (toys, lawn ornaments, garbage bins) from your yard.  The outdoor spaces are usually the first and last impression for potential buyers, so it is important that they look neat and tidy.
  • Hide personal items. Hide as many personal items as you can in drawers and cabinets. For example, place your vacuum cleaner in the utility closet, dish detergent under the sink and your toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.  You want as little clutter as possible to make your home more visually appealing and less distracting for potential buyers.

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