You’ve heard the phrase before, but it has never meant more than when you are purchasing a home.  You can buy the right home in the wrong location.  You can fix it up, renovate it, change its structure…but in most circumstances, you can’t move it.  It’s attached to the land.  Identical homes can increase or decrease in value depending on their location.  Choosing the best area for living and resale value is equally as important as choosing the ideal home.  Here are a few things to be aware of when searching for the right location for your investment:

  • Top Rated School Districts

Homebuyers with children often seek homes in highly desirable school districts. They are willing to spend more for a home in order to enable their children to go the “best schools.”


  • Recreation & Nature

Homes on the water or near parks hold their value because people enjoy living where they can enjoy the outdoors.





  • Scenic Views

A home with a scenic view often sells quickly.  Mountains, golf courses, even a small glimpse of ocean are enough to entice buyers to purchase a home.





  • Entertainment & Shopping

While some buyers seek out scenic views, others may be looking for a home that enables them to walk to restaurants, movie theaters and boutiques.  




  • Economically Stable Neighborhoods

Older neighborhoods that have survived economic recessions while maintaining evident pride of ownership appeal to buyers looking for long term stability.





  • Public Transportation, Healthcare & Jobs

Some buyers will be looking for convenience. They don’t want a long commute to work and want to have easy access to transportation and healthcare facilities.


When purchasing a home remember…location, location, location!

Check out this link for some of the best neighborhoods in and around Memphis: Ten Best Neighborhoods

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