The start of fall exhibits cooler temperatures for most us, even if we aren’t feeling it quite yet around here; it also marks the change in home décor and outside curb appeal. Many are doing a fall cleaning inside and setting out the Halloween and fall decorations for Thanksgiving to welcome the change of season.  A few tips to spruce up with fall décor would be:

  • Groom the lawn- cutting comes to an end but unfortunately lawn maintenance doesn’t end. We still need to try and rid any brown spots and rake up large piles of falling foliage. Leaves look nice and set the perfect ambiance for this time of year however too many can look cluttered.
  • Add fall flowers to your garden- as our spring flowers fade and die off we can still keep our gardens lively and vibrant by planting fall flowers (e.g. mums, heleniums and fall crocus’) in bold fall colors.
  • Make the front door and porch a highlight- add a fall wreath, pumpkins, stack of hay, potted flowers, seasonal outdoor rug all add pizazz to the front of the house for everyone seeing it.
  • Add in lighting- as the sunny days are growing shorter we need to make our homes shine at night. Add some outdoor lights to your home to shine on walkways and brighten up entryways with lanterns, lights in the lawn, or spotlights.
  • Be symmetrical- if at all possible create a symmetrical design with your fall decorations in the front of your home; this will make the entrance to your home look grand and inviting. Add in a scarecrow too; this is perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Create your own planter- carve out a pumpkin and create your own planter with it or use an old wagon! This will give the outside look both creativeness and take up less space if that is a concern.
  • Sitting areas- we love to be outside in the summer but the chill in the fall air is even more inviting; create a welcoming outdoor sitting area with benches, tables and rocking chairs that are rustic, comfy, and charming. The cushions on these can be fall colored or patterned to fit the season even more.
  • Bring out the rustic look- rustic everything is all the rage right now, try out a few rustic signs with fall colors (e.g.- welcome, harvest, fall).

Looking for more, try Pinterest they have everything you’re looking for and then some. Let’s ring in the hopefully soon to be cooler weather and say hello to fall! 


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