I don’t see it a lot, but occasionally I’ll run across a house that has been on and off the real estate market for months, if not years.

Each time the property returns to the market, there’s a different sign and a fresh new REALTOR face that’s convinced they will be the one to accomplish what no one has done before them. Sell that overpriced house.

Newsflash: Unless the price or the condition has changed, none of them will be successful

Agents can do a lot to sell your home, but what they cannot do is change the market. Hopping from one agent to another without addressing the real issues of why your home is not selling is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

No matter where your house is, no matter what condition it’s in, if you don’t have the right price, you’ll be right back in the same position at the end of your listing agreement.

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By: Lisa Heindel