When you visit the Cotton Museum, you're treading on the legendary floor of the Memphis Cotton Exchange where cotton traders once stood at the center of the global cotton economy. Once, only the elite members of the Cotton Exchange were allowed to enter.  Today, this historic space is open to the public and is devoted to sharing the story of cotton – the crop that created empires, transformed American culture and changed the history of a nation and the world.

The museum was founded in 2006 to preserve the history of this worldwide market place and to tell the epic story of the famed cash crop and its profound influence on the city of Memphis and, in fact, America's history and culture at large. Since opening its doors, the Cotton Museum has attracted nearly 100,000 visitors from across the country and around the world. Their mission is to share the story of the cotton and the influences of the people that were gathered here around the industry not only with a growing international audience, but with Memphis area residents- especially the city's youth.

It's been said that downtown Memphis is the place where the Mississippi Delta begins. And whether you are a tourist, Memphis native, or elementary school student, the Cotton Museum is a great place to start an exploration of the Delta's history and our dynamic urban culture. Our Museum tells the story of how Memphis came to be. Engaging exhibits help visitors understand our city's place in time and explain how the art, history and music that is so important to our culture evolved from the confluence of people that were originally gathered here around the cotton industry.

At the historic Cotton Museum in downtown Memphis they’re re-discovering the American South and telling the dynamic story of the plant that built the Bluff City. Learn all about how the fabric of our lives influenced the cultural fabric of the Mid-South.


Purchase tickets in the Gift shop or in advance:
Adult: $10.00
Seniors: $9.00
Students: $9.00
Military: $8.00
Kids 6-12: $7.00
Children under 6: free


The Cotton Museum At The Memphis Cotton Exchange
65 Union Avenue • Memphis, Tennessee 38103
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By and photo credit: memphiscottonmuseum.org