Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and brownies, oh my! Satisfying Memphis’ sweet tooth since its first sale, Muddy’s Bake Shop is a small family bakery specializing in fresh yummy desserts. Their goals are simple; “make enough money to support a simple lifestyle, enjoy our work, give back to the community, make a product we’re proud of, honor the Lord, and make your day a little brighter!”

Worried that her hometown was losing their connection to homemade baked goods, eschewing them in favor of the more convenient and cheaper mass-produced supermarket versions, Kat Gordon opened the original shop in 2008. Over the years they've added another kitchen to help with production as well as a 2nd retail shop on Cooper, which also houses the coffee bar

Muddy’s also doesn’t pack their goodies with preservatives and gross stuff. They use organic whole milk, cage free eggs, loads of real fruit, pure extracts, amazingly delicious chocolate, and lots and lots of real butter to create simply delicious treats the old fashioned way.

Every day is a party at Muddy's Bake Shop, which means this week, every day is a Halloween party! Huzzah! That's right, Halloween Week is upon us, and that means so many limited edition treats are in the case and available for preorder this Friday and Saturday only. 

Visit the East Memphis shop at 5101 Sanderlin #114 38117 for loads of tasty baked treats and the Midtown shop at 585 S Cooper 38104 for tasty treats plus a full service coffee bar!  

901.683.8844 or for additional information and to order some delicious treats!


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