Alchemy is one of those rare combinations of excellent restaurant with a hopping bar - a late-night spot in the Cooper-Young neighborhood with a scene that includes everything - classy and casual, hipster and refined, and fits the midtown vibe to a tee with an upscale twist.  

A menu of New American dishes, many served tapas-style, filled with unique tastes and textures. You have about 40 different tapas to choose from.  They are all unique to themselves and you do not see many repeated ingredients, so each entree was designed just for itself. From the Cheesy Chorizo Hushpuppies, to the Chili Roasted Fish Tacos and Pan Seared Hanger Steak - there is something for everyone to try.

The drink menu is inventive and Memphis-themed. From behind the spacious bar, bartenders produce craft cocktails with ingredients that might be new to you, like The Alchemist (Eagle Rare, Antica, Aperol, and Peychaud bitters) or The Naughty Sundress (tequila, elderflower, Punt e Mes, and lemon juice). There's also an extensive bourbon and Scotch list, wine and beer, and dessert drinks!

This trendy Southern spot exudes big city confidence with plenty of sophistication. The decor is something like shabby chic industrial, and it all comes across as modern yet comfortable.   

Alchemy’s mission is to restore dignity and distinction to cocktails; to serve remarkable and memorable food; all the while creating a social atmosphere that drives people in and keeps them coming back again and again.
940 S. Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104


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