The Memphis Airshow, featuring the USAF Thunderbirds, will take place this weekend, September 25-27 at the Millington Regional Jetport. Three full days of dynamic, high performance aerobatics, family entertainment, aircraft ground displays, Kids Fun Zone, all with festival food and atmosphere! 

Gates open at 9:30 a.m. each day, and kids aged 0-4 are admitted for free.

Some of this year’s amazing performers include:

USAF Thunderbirds
Millions of people have witnessed the Thunderbirds demonstrations, and in turn, they’ve seen the pride, professionalism, and dedication of hundreds of thousands of Airmen serving at home and abroad. Each year brings another opportunity of the team to represent those who deserve the most credit: the everyday, hard-working Airmen voluntarily serving America and defending freedom.

Shockwave presents the World Famous SHOCKWAVE JET TRUCK! The baddest/most impressive jet ground vehicle on the planet! Three times the smoke, three times the fire, three times the noise, and three times the horsepower! THREE afterburning J34-48 jet engines totaling 36,000 HP. SHOCKWAVE is the Guinness Book World Record holder for the fastest jet truck in the world at 376 MPH.

FA 18 Super Hornet Tac Demo
See a VFA-122 Super Hornet in action. The Tactical Demonstration, or "Tac Demo" team, flies the single-seat F/A-18E and two-seat F/A-18F as close to the "edge of the envelope" as safety and prudence allow. The routine highlights the Rhino's maneuverability and slow-speed handling characteristics and has been very well received around the country.

Click here for the full line up.

The Memphis Airshow has announced they will host a Car and Bike Show this year. So bring out your car, park on the flight line, and be a part of this years great show. Share this event with friends that have an antique, classic hot rod, restored, souped up, etc car or bike! They will be giving away $2500 in cash prizes each day!

It doesn’t matter where you sit if you come to this event; just look up and you’ll have a great view of all the activities. A really great airshow like this one really does offer something for everybody.

Millington Regional Jetport
8182 Hornet Avenue
Millington TN 38053

Call 901.867.7007 or visit to purchase tickets and for additional info.


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