Though not literally an island, Mud Island is a small peninsula surround by the Mississippi River and Wolf River Harbor.  Mud Island opened to the public in 1982 and features restaurants, a museum, and an amphitheater.  You can get to Mud Island either by car, foot, monorail or ferry. 

At Mud Island River Park, you can experience the Mighty Mississippi River up close. There is 5 block long river walk model that you can hike down and see the Mississippi in miniature. Major cities and small towns located on the river are marked in the scale model, and markers explain history and facts about the river. The model empties into a "Gulf of Mexico" replica, which was once a waterpark named Bud Boogie Beach, and on the other side is a small wooden boat named the Maymay, which is no longer open to the public. The park also includes bike trails, pedal boats, and rafts.

Inside the 18 gallery Mississippi River Museum, you can explore two full size boat models you can board. The museum also presents the history of the lower Mississippi river valley, with most of its emphasis on the steamboat. The mission of the museum is to preserve and promote the natural and cultural history of the Lower Mississippi River Valley through excellence in education, interpretation and exhibits. Admission to the museum is $10 for Adults (12-59), $9 for Seniors (60 Plus), $7 for Youths (5 – 11), and Children (4 and under) are FREE.

Mud Island is home to a 5,000 seat outdoor amphitheater which has been used for a summer concert series for over two decades. The band Dash Rip Rock which has played there several times, recorded a song named Mud Island that can be found on two of their albums. James Taylor performed at the amphitheater during a light rainstorm in 1992, stuck his arm out into the falling water and remarked, "Mud Island... ominous name, eh?"

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